The Travelling Open Studio’s trip to the Wild West (of Somerset) – Timberscombe, Minehead and Dulverton gallery.

This week saw me pack my bags and decamp to B&Bs as The Travelling Open Studio left my native East Somerset for the far west for three days. Thursday saw a brilliant school day with Timberscombe and Cutcombe schools. We transformed the local woods into imaginary worlds with beautiful creative descriptions, immersive play and then built things from said worlds from found materials – many mini Andy Goldsworthys in the making! Nests, swings, stags, houses, staffs, jewellery… A truly wonderful day.


Minehead saw the project stop outside the old hospital. Lots of people pausing and staring! But also some lovely interactions – one lady named Diana stayed for two hours and produced some lovely drawings (pictured).


Then onto Dulverton Farmers Market where I had one of the busiest days in terms of interaction and people decorating the Sunbubble. One girl Lulu who had been at the Timberscombe school workshop came and brought photos of a fairy world she’d created in her garden to display in the Sunbubble as it became a gallery. She also added some lovely drawings to the structure and was my first visitor to take advantage of all the lovely fabric and ribbons I have as well as drawing materials etc. It was a lovely friendly place to stop with great stalls and helpful people.


So now it’s back home and two schools days at Halsway Manor and the Somerset Earth Science Centre, before a full public itinerary starting Thursday at the very exciting location of Cleveland Pools in Bath – a delapidated lido from 1815! Details can be seen here as well as how to donate funds – they are mid huge campaign to match fund a heritage lottery grant for the pools’ restoration Please note that the brochure states times as 2-7pm, but due to concerns from the pools about fading light and health and safety now the nights are drawing in, the opening times have been changed to 2-6pm. Please do come and spread the word – this is a rare chance to get to see the pools as they are normally closed to the public! They are a little tricky to find and please note it is residents parking. However it is only a ten minute walk from Bath town centre and there are details of how to find it on the website.

Then it will be Somerton, Castle Cary, Ebbor Gorge, Blackmoor Reserve and finally outside the National Trust cafe at Brean Down on Sunday 2nd. I hope you can come visit!