Travelling Open Studio Day 4 Gallery

Day three saw me on Longrun Meadow in Taunton running schools workshops that sadly had to be adapted due to rain, but were still fun. I just wish we could have explored the meadows more rather than stayed around the open barn, which is the least appealing spot really… And then the rain continued so I sadly had to cancel the twilight public session…

However day 4 was back on track with a day long public stop at the Avalon Marshes Centre. I was in the garden near the pond and could be inspired by this peaceful spot and also encourage visitors to roam further and get inspiration from the vast surrounding nature reserve.

The day started drizzly and it was interesting the effect it had on the sunbubble – pretty patterns but not good for painting, so I wrote more as I waited for it to dry and then later members of the public took over – from drawing flowers and dragonflies, to abstract floating patterns inspired by tracing the bark of nearby trees. A lovely friendly day.