Travelling Open Studio Gallery Day One

A lovely hot sunny day kicked off the Travelling Open Studio tour. Perched at the bottom of Glastonbury tour in the morning lots of visitors came by both to chat and create art – from drawings to stick people. I started writing and tracing the landscape on the structure itself – really fun though nerve-wracking making that first mark!

The afternoon saw me move on to Burrow Mump for two workshops at 3 and 4 – lovely time in the first one looking at views and strange patterns on the earth – found graffiti and atmosphere all in relation to visual poetry. No takers for the second workshop sadly, but still a lovely afternoon and a good experiment in whether a workshop works in this context. I think the conclusion is better to put up the sunbubble and have it as drop ins, but thank you so much to those of you who came to the first Burrow Mump workshop.

Such a great first day. Below are some photos!