The basis for the travelling studio evolving artwork!

I’ve been practicing today putting up my  Haxnicks Sunbubble which will form the basic structure to be transformed into an evolving artwork/shelter for the travelling open studio. It’s currently in my garden and not pegged down to really stretch out the plastic – but already my mind is whirling with the potential – the light shines in beautifully – the plastic is perfect for drawing and writing on – there are places to hang things – a large space to display sculpture…

Below are some photos of the blank canvas! What would you do to change it? I love how one can stand inside it and feel like you are in a small personal creative space, yet can look out and have a perfect view of the landscape around you, which you can then transform by what you add to the structure – the words and colours and images that may become layers to see the landscape through.

It is a simple clever design – it was made to be a portable greenhouse originally! I had no trouble following the instructions, it’s easy and quick with one other to help, though my strength and height are not quite what they would ideally be for putting it up alone! On which note, don’t forget that I am looking for interns/volunteers who might like to come and help me set up. You’d be welcome to stay and create work too obviously – it should be a really interesting experience and chance to be part of a project. Please spread the word!