The Car Boot Museum – final exhibition.

After months of work it was quite strange to see the project distilled into the space of a gallery! The museum itself was upstairs in the main gallery of 44ad studios in Bath, and downstairs I took over the basement room to create an installation of two large wall pieces and a film projected onto old sash windows to further explore the ideas of momentum, memory and place, stories and a sense of the imaginary as well as real life of Somerset, which the touring part of the project raised. This was illustrated by the collaborative poetic travelogue written by me and Ana and available to be read in conjunction with the viewing experience. Copies of the travelogue are available to buy at Dirty Confetti .

The three final pieces were:

Somerset Archipelago – This work sought to create an emotional map of Somerset – where ink drawn islands reproduced the accidental shapes of aged wood and natural decay to create intimate memory spaces. Carved text from the travelogue acted as a frame – each part of the cabinet becoming an alternative interior map of a different day of the project’s tour.

Somerset Archipelago close up DSCN0387 DSCN0385

They Are Now Stonger From Within (Bricks Hold Hands) – This work used my childhood dolls house, which donated a lot of its decayed wallpaper to The Car Boot Museum, as its starting point. The dolls house was left in the garden of various homes for over twenty years, watching places change and people grow up around it. This work sought to illustrate what memories a place can absorb – how walls can hold memories – and how these can blend with others to take something personal to the realm of universal memory without resorting to monumental history. This work included found photos that were in The Car Boot Museum and also donated during the project’s tour, as well as printed images from an 18th century diary of a young man from Axbridge viewed during the tour, where the young man doodled abstract shapes when feeling emotional. This sense of emotion and memory in relation to abstract shapes was echoed throughout the piece.

They Are Now Stroger From Within (Bricks Hold Hands) DSCN0437 DSCN0438

The Memory Moat – This twenty minute film explores ideas of texture, movement and momentum in nature and how they echo the thought processes of memory and its many layers. Using an anticlockwise journey around the moat of Nunney Castle as a frame, the film interweaves snapshots from The Car Boot Museum’s tour and my home to function as memories of the real interrupting the natural flow of an endless interchange of time and thoughts. Below are stills from the film in situ, projected onto old sash windows. The film itself can be viewed at

Memory Moat Film Still DSCN0373