Simon Lee Dicker

Simon Lee Dicker takes his lead from the physical processes involved in the production of twine and the social impact of the twine industry. Working with Dawes Twineworks in West Coker, Simon will produce a series of work in responding to the factory’s heritage, history and the connection with the community in the area.

Simon said: “Momentum is the thread that holds the Dawes Twineworks together. Situated on the old London/Cornwall road it is, and has always been, a place to pass through. With an industry built of moving parts. Propelling pirates, explorers and athletes around the world.”

Simon Lee Dicker
Artist, curator
Based in Somerset

Education – BA (hons) Fine Art, Kent Institute of Art and Design
2014 – Palaces & Cabins (collaborative exhibition), Salisbury Art Centre, UK
2013 – Creative Retreat – Curated by Lindsey Fryer, Chrissie Tiller and Caroline Thompson Crear, Argyll & Bute, UK
2012 – Gift: Share.Remix.Re-Use (Group Show), Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin, Germany
2011 – The Moment Of Privacy Has Passed (Group Show) The Collection, Lincoln, UK
2011 – Founding OSR Projects, Somerset
2009/10 – Public art commission: Chalk Pit Archipelago, Tamworth Fieldworks, Milton Pier, Portsmouth, UK