Alice Maddicott

Alice Maddicott will create a Car Boot Museum which will travel to villages, towns, schools and markets across Somerset. Visitors will be invited to contribute to the museum: write their own ideas and memories of the area and add them to the Car Boot Museum. She will be joined for part of the journey by the poet Ana Seferovic, with whom she will create some site-specific text. The final display will be a collection of objects, sounds, text and images, created by Alice and her collaborators.

Alice said: “I have long been interested in the secret history of objects and the nature of how we interact with them in a typical museum space – personal archives and collections and how a car boot sale sometimes feels like an alternative museum experience.”

Alice Maddicott
Artist, writer, educator
Based in Somerset

Education: MA Creative Writing, Bath Spa University; MA (hons) Art history, University of Edinburgh
2015 – The Chancery of Lost and Found, Bath Literature Festival
2015 – Publication: The City
2014 – The Edwardian Cloakroom, Bristol
2013 – Performance: Belgrade International Poetry Festival
2008 – Chosen writer and artist, Bucharest Metroarts project
2007 – British Council Serbian Writing Exchange